Art and Culture in Boston

There is this interesting mix of art, science, technology, medicine and culture in Boston; which makes it an interesting place to be. The people of this area are known for their love of art and culture. The museums here have some of the best collections of art and culture in the world. The range of activities in this city is truly staggering and interesting. In fact, there is almost too much to see and do in a single day.

The Boston Art Museum is perhaps one of the country’s best-known museums. Established in 1919, it is one of the best in the country to study contemporary art. There is also a very large art collection here that covers almost all categories of art. Many famous artists have made contributions to the collection. Check out this popular contemporary art museum in downtown Boston when you get some free time.

Another very famous museum in Boston is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was established in 1988 and is actually a partnership between the Boston museum and the Rhode Island School of Art. Here you will find contemporary art from almost every country in the world. Exhibiting artists from different countries shows this museum a variety of perspectives and creates a basis for international exchange.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Boston

Just a stone’s throw away from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown Boston is the Boston University Museum. This huge and colorful complex houses almost all types of contemporary and abstract art. When you visit this museum, be sure to check out the Terrain, the Terracotta figures, the Chinese brush and other Chinese-inspired artifacts. You can even take part in the Chinese fire bowl and Chinese tea ritual. Check this out for an evening.

If you are interested in Japanese prints, the Museum of Arts and Design in Cambridge is the right place for you. The MAIDS is devoted to promoting global art and culture through exhibitions, events and publications. In this exhibition you can check out prints from China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and other Asian countries.

For people interested in prints from the wild west, there is the Comedia display at the Old North Church in Westwood. This is a great place if you are looking for prints from the gold rush, western movies or from the western artists of today. Other exhibits include Native American prints, Native American pottery, U.S. Indian pottery and the famous “Red Casket” from the western movie cowboy films. Other attractions include the Science Museum, the Old State House and the Boston Massacre Site.

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